Pinterest and Other Projects

Pinterest is a Passion of mine.  I love the ideas I can find for all aspects of my life.  Want to take a peek?  Click to view my Pinterest Boards.

Here are some projects I have already completed...

Bathroom Vanity Project

I had a little help with this one.  My loving, wonderful, amazing, funny, intelligent, suave, hot...and did I mention amazing...husband helped put this together.  The mirror is one gigantic piece that covered the entire area above our vanity.  The shelf and frames really break the area up.

Door Wreath

Looking for a way to dress up your front door?  This project was simple AND inexpensive.  It will also be easy to change it as the season's change.

Centerpiece Decorations

Alayna and I worked on this project together.  We took embroidery floss, dipped it into a glue/water mixture, and then wrapped it around some small balloons to let it dry.  The next day we popped the balloons and it left behind some nice, decorative balls to use as a centerpiece.